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At quitsmokingny.net we have developed the Personal Energy Solution specifically for smokers who wish to quit the smoking habit. This approach uses the body’s own energy system and is concentrated on overcoming the urge for another cigarette.

Applying the system only takes a few minutes, is non-invasive and easy for anyone to follow.

It is completely natural, using only the energy system from within your own body. You can do this in the comfort of your own home without the inconvenience and cost of having to go somewhere for treatment.

Many of our clients have only needed one application to become smoke-free. However, it can be used multiple times if a person has a particularly difficult time stopping smoking.

You will be shown how to cope with particularly stressful situations where you would normally reach for a cigarette. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

quitsmokingny.net is dedicated to reducing the number of people smoking cigarettes, particularly in the Manhattan area.

Improvements You Can Expect After Quitting

Choosing to quit cigarette smoking is one of the best choices any individual can make to improve their health. Quitting smoking cigarettes can add up to eight years to an individual’s life expectancy, depending on the age when one quits but most importantly, the changes can begin very quickly. For example, assuming no physical restraints:-

Within 24 hours the threat of cardiovascular disease starts to decline.
In the space of a couple of weeks, lungs start to regenerate, breathing improves and walking becomes easier.
Your breathing when walking up stairs and even gentle running will soon start to improve.
Within the first year, the risk of heart disease is reduced by half.
In as little as five years, the risk of stroke becomes the same as that of a nonsmoker.

We can help you quit smoking………

…………..if you are determined that NOW is the right time for you. If you are only “just interested” in or “half hearted” about quitting, then now is probably not the right time for you. You must have the right mindset.

In order for you to succeed you must have a strong reason to want to quit. Whether it is for improved health, to save money, improve your relationship, maybe the family is important, or even for business reasons, a really big incentive would make giving up the habit really worth while as well as being a great goal to aim for!


However, it must be stressed……….

you cannot stop smoking unless you are determined to stop. If you think you can stop without putting any effort into this, you are just plain wrong. There are no magic pills or silver bullets that will make you quit.

Take the first step – you have obviously been thinking  about quitting, decide right now that you are going to stop smoking today!

If you don’t really want to stop and you lack determination to quit smoking, you can try every method available and you will not succeed. It will be incredibly hard no matter which method you try.

Out of interest, surveys among Manhattan smokers show that they have been quitting smoking more than ever in the past 20 years. Even though seven out of ten cigarette smokers in Manhattan attempt to quit smoking each year, less than one in ten succeeds.

So, if you try to quit and it doesn’t work out for you straight away, don’t be too hard on yourself, you are not alone. The main thing is, don’t stop trying. Our system will give you the opportunity to keep on trying until you succeed at no additional cost to you.

While we can’t guarantee that Personal Energy Solution will be successful for everyone, we can say that this method has proven to be very successful even for people smoking 30 – 40 plus cigarettes per day.

Reviews – What Our Clients Are Saying

“…….Thanks a lot for your help. I haven’t smoked so far. Sometimes I feel like smoking but so far it’s no “desperate desire.” I really hope to get over smoking.”

“…….I haven’t smoked yet! I honestly still can’t believe that is works so well, but I am very glad that it does”

“…….Still no more cigarettes. I am so grateful for your support”

“…….Today I am back at work. This was the next challenge……and no cigarette smoked”

“…….Day 5 – no problems so far”

“…….It’s already the 4th day today and it has actually worked so far, at the moment smoking doesn’t turn me on at all. I had to do the exercises twice. On my first day at work, I jumped away from work to avoid temptation. So I haven’t smoked a cigarette yet!”

Can I Reduce My Health Risks By Vaping Instead?

It is generally acknowledged that vaping is less harmful than smoking. However, there are still serious health risks associated with vaping. As with cigarettes, it is better to quit completely than to use vaping as an alternative.

With vaping being a relatively new product, the harmful effects of the thousands of chemicals (yes, thousands!!) inhaled, take years to be fully researched and understood.

Some common substances found in e-liquid or produced when it is heated up may pose a serious risk to the heart and lungs. These include: Diacetyl, Formaldehyde and Acrolein, a chemical generally used as a weed killer

In addition, many people believe the myth that secondhand emissions from e-cigarettes are harmless, just water vapor. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vapor emitted when someone exhales, contains a variety of dangerous substances including Nicotine, Ultrafine particles, Diacetyl and Benzene (a chemical found in car exhaust fumes).

While vaping may be the lesser of two evils, it is better to avoid it for the sake of your health and the health of those closest to you.

Cigarette Smoke

The Good News Gets Better! QUITTERS ARE WINNERS!!!

It is never too late to quit smoking. It is also never too early either! Whatever your age, the length of time you have been smoking, or the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, you will start to feel the benefits of being smoke free within only a few days.

As we stressed earlier, there is no silver bullet and there is no system that will guarantee success for every person who tries to quit. You will still need to put in an effort in order to achieve your ultimate goal which is to become smoke free.

If you try our Personal Energy Solution and only have limited success initially, keep using the method, knowing that many people have already proven how effective it is. This will help to change your mindset to the point that you really do want to quit.

If you are totally committed to quitting smoking, then your chances of success using our method are extremely high. On the other hand, if you have been told to try quitting by someone else and you are only half-hearted about it, now is probably not the right time for you.

Anyone can do this but not everyone is ready!

Self belief that you can quit will obviously help you mentally particularly during the first couple of days which some people acknowledge as being difficult. However, once you overcome this initial period you will start to benefit in many ways.

Introducing      –      Personal Energy Solution

To better understand the Personal Energy Solution, we refer to it as “Acupuncture Without Needles.”

The Chinese discovered the complex system of energy circuits which run throughout the body. Meridian and Acupuncture Points as they are called, are the center of Eastern health principles and form the basis for a large group of healing techniques including acupuncture and acupressure.

Personal Energy Solution is based on the same principal, using the body’s own energy system to overcome the habit of smoking, but without using needles. It is effective in making it easier to stop smoking and remain smoke-free for good. Personal Energy Solution can empower you to take control and begin a healthy, smoke-free life!

Be Proud To Call Yourself A Quitter!!

Personal Energy Solution Is The Natural Solution. No prescription drugs, no patches, no gum, no hypnotism, no books, no electronic smoking devices, no traveling to a clinic, just your natural energy, channeled in the right way.

Using Personal Energy Solution is a simple solution to a very complex problem as everyone has a different reason for starting to smoke and a different reason for wanting to quit. This solution has enabled people from all walks of life to change their habits and change their lives. We encourage you to make the decision now and join them.

For the cost of a few packets of cigarettes, you will be given access to the webinar which will show you exactly how you can quit smoking.

A one-time payment of US$50.00 will give you access to the webinar.

Webinar Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please use the “Contact Us” form to check the alternative arrangements. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 


In The Webinar,

you will be shown exactly how to use the Personal Energy Solution to help you quit smoking. All you need do is follow the presenter’s instructions which are easy to understand and follow. The meridian and acupuncture points that need to be activated will be clearly shown to you, so you just need to follow along. This process is easy to follow and works extremely well to change old habits.

The Webinar Is Recorded

and will be available for you at any time in the future at no additional cost. You will have the opportunity to watch it as often as you need. Not everyone has success on the first viewing so you can take your time in the comfort of your own home to watch it whenever you want.

If possible, do not smoke immediately before joining the webinar, as the best results are achieved if you are desperate for a cigarette!!

By proceeding to the webinar, you acknowledge you have read the Terms and Conditions of quitsmokingny.net. You also agree to accept full responsibility for your physical and emotional well being. If you are not prepared to accept that responsibility please do not purchase entry to the webinar.

A WORD OF CAUTION: This procedure is not recommended for women during pregnancy as activating certain meridian points may induce labor

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