Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Personal Energy Solution?

It is a special technique developed from Chinese acupuncture. It is non invasive, no needles or laser and is easy for anyone to apply themselves.

Can I really use this technique while I am at home?

Yes, that is one of the benefits of the system. It is so convenient to use it at home without having to travel anywhere or wait in a waiting room.

How long does the Personal Energy Solution take?

It will take around 30 minutes to complete.

Will I need to repeat the process?

Many clients have been successful with only one session. However, it is available, at no additional cost, for anyone who may wish to repeat all or part of it. This will reinforce the message and will only take between 5 and 10 minutes.

Do I have to pay to watch the webinar a second time?

No, the $50 fee will give you access to the webinar as often as you need it.

If I am successful and stop smoking after the course, will the effects last?

Yes, but as you are breaking a habit, you will need to stay strong and avoid the temptation of “just one more cigarette!” Once you have proven to yourself you can really live without a cigarette, it will be much easier for you to continue to be smoke free.

Do you guarantee success?

If you are really determined to quit smoking, you will have an excellent chance of kicking the habit. A half-hearted approach will produce limited results.